Cyprus as a “Best Value” Destination for the British

May 28, 2024

Cyprus is featured on a British list of tourist destinations offering the best value, considering the cost of products including food and drink.

According to the 2024 barometer, which tracks the cost of specific products in various destinations and is published by the UK’s Post Office, Cyprus has made it into the top ten countries considered as best value destinations.

Specifically, Paphos ranked 10th with the total cost of a specific group of products amounting to £73.32, a reduction of 6.8% compared to last year’s barometer.

Cyprus is also among the top five European “best value” tourist destinations for the British, alongside Portugal, making it a prime choice for travelers seeking affordable destinations.

Preference for Longer Trips

The barometer findings indicate that the strength of the British pound will influence travelers’ choices this year. Travelers opting for longer trips can expect to get more value for their money, as the British pound has gained ground in most destinations.

Comparatively, the rise of the pound against the euro is more moderate, so travelers should consider which destinations offer the best value.

The barometer examines eight tourist products, identifying where they are cheapest and most expensive, specifically focusing on coffee, beer, soft drinks, wine, water, a full meal, and personal items such as sunscreen and insect repellent.

Top and Bottom Destinations

Vietnam, particularly the city of Hoi An, topped the list for the lowest total cost of these products at £51.18. It was followed by Cape Town in South Africa at £54.35, Mombasa in Kenya at £54.93, Tokyo in Japan at £59.05, and the Algarve in Portugal at £59.69.

At the other end of the list, the highest costs were found in Tamarindo, Costa Rica, with a total of £158.04, and New York City, USA, at £143.28. St. John’s in Antigua had a total cost of £138.42, Rodney Bay in Saint Lucia at £137.40, and Bridgetown in Barbados at £134.92.

Price List for Paphos

For Paphos specifically, the total cost is £73.32. Here’s a detailed breakdown:

  • A cup of filter coffee: £2.59
  • A bottle of local beer (330 ml): £2.64
  • A Coca-Cola/Pepsi soft drink (330 ml): £1.74
  • A glass of wine (175 ml): £3.43
  • A bottle of water (1.5 liters): £0.40
  • A three-course meal: £50.64
  • Sunscreen (200 ml): £8.13
  • Insect repellent: £3.73

Translated from Original Source: Stockwatch

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