• The whole family may obtain the Citizenship and can be inherited to the next generations.
  • Cyprus allows multiple citizenship. No obligation to relinquish current nationalities
  • You can travel, live, work and study anywhere in the European Economic Area (European Union, Iceland, Liechtenstein and Switzerland).
  • Travel to 155+ countries worldwide visa free.
  • Citizenship comes with lifetime validity for the entire family
  • Offers an additional insurance against political instability.
  • Cyprus has zero inheritance, wealth, giſt and immovable property taxes.
  • The investor is able to rent out his/her privately owned residence.
  • Free movement of capital, services and goods.
  • No language proficiency test required .

Requirements And Conditions

  • The expected time-frame for the examination of any application submitted in accordance with the provisions of the Cyprus Investment Programme is 6 (six) months
  • The programme applies to the immediate family of the applicant i.e the spouse or partner and dependent children up to the age of 28 if full time university students and for children with severe physical or mental disability.
  • A € 2 million (plus vat if any) - Investment in a single Residence. A single property to be used as a residence at a minimum value of €2 million (plus VAT if any). The privately-owned residence must be retained by the investors for a period of 5 years after the date of approval. The Investor has the right to sell his/her property and buy another one at a minimum value of €500,000 (plus VAT if any).
  • A €2 million (plus Vat if any) Investment in a selection of Residential Properties, out of which one property is to be used as a privately-owned permanent residence of a minimum value of €500,000 (plus VAT if any). The remaining €1.5 million can be invested in a range of residential properties only, which may be resold 5 years after the date of approval.
  • It is noted the investor and his/her parents may collectively acquire a residence, provided that the total of this home – property is at least €2.500.000 (plus VAT if any).
  • The applicant must have made an investment of at least €2,0 million for the purchase or construction of buildings or for the construction of other land development projects (residential or commercial developments, developments in the tourism sector) or other infrastructure projects plus a residential property to be used as a privately-owned permanent residence of a minimum value of €500,000 (plus VAT if any.)
  • The parents of the investor may apply for citizenship aſter the investor 's Naturalization as Cypriot Citizen. They need to hold a permanent privately owned residence in the Republic of Cyprus, the purchase price of which must be at least €500.000 (plus VAT if any).
  • It is noted the investor and his/her parents may collectively acquire a private residence, provided that the total of amount of the residential property is at least €1.000.000 (plus VAT if any).
  • The applicant must hold a valid Schengen visa. Third-Country nationals that do not require an entry visa for travelling in European Union member-states, as well as citizens of European Union Member States are excluded from this obligation.
  • The Investor, prior to his/her naturalization as a Cypriot citizen must hold a residence permit in Cyprus for a period of 6 months If the applicant does not already hold a residence permit, he/she may apply for an immigration permit on the basis of Regulation 6(2) of the Aliens and Immigration Law, simultaneously with the application for naturalization. Permanent Residency card will be issued within 5-7 working days after the submission of the passport application.
  • The applicant must have donated at least €75,000 to the “Research and Innovation Foundation and €75,000 to the “Cyprus Land Development Corporation”.

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