Cyprus shines as one of Google’s favorite travel searches in 2023

December 14, 2023

From sandy shores to mountain peaks, Cyprus ranks 6th in top destinations, reflecting a resurgence in global interest.

According to a report by, Cyprus stands out among the destinations most sought-after on Google in 2023. This comes in a year that has seen a return to pre-pandemic levels. Destinations that experienced significant drops in visitation in previous years are now witnessing a notable resurgence. Cyprus, as indicated by arrival statistics, ranks an impressive 6th in the top ten most searched destinations based on Google data for 2023. While search interest doesn’t necessarily translate to vacation bookings, it signifies an enhanced awareness of the destination.

Described as a melting pot of cultures amid Greece, Turkey, and Lebanon, Cyprus boasts sandy Mediterranean beaches, crystal-clear waters, Cypriot cuisine, and exquisite food available throughout the island. Additionally, its rugged mountains, capped with snow in the winter, add to its allure.

The country is also recognized as one of the world’s premier diving destinations, offering nature enthusiasts ample opportunities to explore the sea. History lovers can wander through Byzantine churches, and the destination’s vineyards make it an ideal choice for wine enthusiasts.

The Rest of the Top Ten

In the 10th position is Morocco, followed by Malta at 9th, Egypt at 8th, Thailand at 7th, Cyprus at 6th, Croatia at 5th, and Portugal at 4th. The top three countries come as no surprise, consistently being among the world’s most popular destinations: Italy at 3rd, Spain at 2nd, and Greece securing the 1st position.

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