Five Sun-Kissed Holiday Destinations in Greece & Cyprus Worth Exploring This Summer

June 21, 2024

Looking to escape the hot and humid temperature of India to a sun-kissed Mediterranean summer with golden beaches, turquoise waters, and pure blue skies? By planning your summer vacation to one of these five breathtaking locations in Greece and Cyprus—each with its own distinct charm and attractions—you can make all your dreams come true.

Look no further than these two countries that have a shared love of the sea and the Mediterranean way of life, whether you’re drawn to island paradises, vibrant coastal cities, stunning sunsets, historic ruins, or delectable feasts. You can indulge in the European dream on this vacation, from the bustling harbour in Paphos that provides the tastiest seafood to the spectacular nightlife of Paros and the pink sand beaches of Crete and Santorini with their fava bean puree!


It is not that surprising that Greece, a country encircled by the Aegean, Mediterranean, and Ionian seas, has more than 2,000 islands! Tourists from all over the world visit Greece year-round with its ideal climate, delicious cuisine, cultural significance, and magnificent architecture.


Crete, the largest island in Greece and the fifth largest in the Mediterranean is an absolute treasure trove of experiences with a rich history, culture, and architecture. Discover the legendary site of Zeus’ birth, visit the Palace of Knossos, relax on immaculate beaches like Elafonissi (famous for its pink sand!) and savour hearty Cretan cuisine that feeds the senses! Picture succulent seafood, fragrant olive oil, and mouthwatering stews infused with local herbs!


Become a part of the most alluring feature of the island, which is the famous whitewashed cottages that cascade down volcanic cliffs! Explore ancient sites like Akrotiri, take a hike along the caldera rim for amazing views, or just unwind on black sand beaches. Enjoy meals like tomato keftedes, fava bean puree (fava me fava), and freshly caught grilled fresh fish to eat like a native islander.


Paros, a Greek island in the Cyclades, is renowned for its beautiful beaches, quaint historic villages, and extensive history. With its picturesque white-washed buildings, glistening waters, and exciting nightlife, Paros has something to offer every kind of tourist. Paros enthralls tourists with its beauty and charm, whether they are exploring the city’s winding cobblestone alleyways, windsurfing at Golden Beach, or learning about the antiquities preserved at the Panagia Ekatontapiliani church.


Cyprus, the third-largest and third-most populated island in the Mediterranean, is also the sunniest island in Europe! All of that, along with unobstructed views of azure waters through an infinite horizon along with a thriving wine and cuisine scene, make this a popular getaway that draws visitors from all over the world!


Here, you can relax on the sandy Coral Bay beach, explore the UNESCO World Heritage Site that is Kato Paphos Archaeological Park, or visit the charming Paphos Harbor, which is abuzz with eateries serving fresh seafood. Greek and Turkish elements are delightfully combined in Cypriot cuisine. Try the meze, which is a variety of small appetizers perfect for sharing that include grilled halloumi cheese, tzatziki and hummus, and dolmades (stuffed grape leaves).


Situated on the southern coast of Cyprus lies the lively coastal town of Limassol. Limassol, which has a bustling marina, wonderful beaches, and a fascinating history, provides the ideal fusion of contemporary conveniences and old world charm. Famous for its vibrant nightlife, scrumptious local cuisine, and cultural events like the yearly Wine Festival, the town hosts a lot of events. In addition to taking leisurely walks along the lovely promenade, visitors can tour historic locations like Limassol Castle. Limassol is a popular vacation and adventure destination due to its pleasant Mediterranean temperature and hospitable atmosphere.

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Original Source: Voyagers World

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