Further easing of Covid restrictions, Cyprus Flight Pass abolished

April 18, 2022

Further easing of coronavirus restrictions has taken effect as of today, including abolition of the Cyprus Flight Pass and mandatory requirement for outdoor face mask use.

At the same time, SafePasses are no longer needed for the workplace, with the exception of nursing homes, closed structures, hospitals, medical centres and other health professionals.

Moreover, no SafePass is required to enter businesses that serve the public, as well as government and public sector service offices. 

The same is valid for archaeological sites, museums, historical sites, visual arts sites and galleries, construction sites, farmers’ markets, bazaars and fairs.

In addition, as of Monday, occupancy rates in theatres, cinemas and auditoriums are increased to 100 per cent capacity.

And teleworking is recommended at a rate of 25 per cent in private and public sector enterprises and organisations.

Also as of Monday, automatic release on the seventh day of individuals who tested positive is in place, without the need for a rapid test, provided they are not actively symptomatic.

In addition, persons designated as close contacts are required to self-isolate for a period of five days down from seven, assuming they are not actively symptomatic.

And close contacts are obligated to undergo rapid testing on the third and fifth day after contact.

The ‘test to stay’ measure in school and where else is applicable is similarly reduced from seven to five days.

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