Hyperion Limassol Stirs the Waters… A 140-Meter Rotating Wheel with Cabins in the Old Port

June 21, 2024

Unique Hyperion Wheel Limassol Ltd plans to lease space from the Cyprus Ports Authority for the construction and operation of a mixed development named “Hyperion Limassol,” consisting of a rotating wheel and recreational areas. The project, which has been put to public consultation before the Department of Environment, will be developed on reclaimed land on the southern side of the Old Port Limassol breakwater.

It is emphasized that the area where the project will be erected is managed by the Cyprus Ports Authority, while the wider area falls within the administrative boundaries of the Municipality of Limassol. The proposed project’s aim is to create new recreational spaces and tourist activities within the Municipality of Limassol area. Additionally, the operation of the development is expected to create new jobs and further strengthen the area, enhancing its socio-economic character.

The images showcase various aspects of the development. All images and designs have been prepared by the architectural firm Panos Panayiotou and Associates (PPA).

The proposed development involves the construction of a two-story building with recreational spaces and a rotating wheel with cabins on its roof. The wheel will be 140 meters high.

Specifically, the building facilities will include the following spaces:

Ground floor and mezzanine:

  • Public entrance/exit
  • Commercial space of 120 sq.m. (souvenir shop)
  • Sanitary facilities and machine rooms
  • Digital aquarium space of 835 sq.m.
  • Reception area of 327 sq.m.
  • Ticket purchase and information area of 150 sq.m.
  • Visitor movement area

First floor and mezzanine:

  • Children’s activity area (Science Discovery–Children’s Paradise) of 835 sq.m.
  • Sanitary facilities
  • Waiting area of 275 sq.m.
  • Elevator and staircase area
  • Visitor movement area
  • Offices of 90 sq.m.
  • Machine rooms of 200 sq.m.


  • Food selling area
  • Control/operation area
  • Elevator and staircase area
  • Entrance to cabins
  • Event space (roof garden)

Additionally, the project will feature a rotating wheel with cabins 140 meters high on its roof for visitors’ use. The proposed development remains open for consultation until July 12, 2024.

Original Source: InBusiness News

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