Leptos Estates: One of the largest employers in Cyprus

January 12, 2023

InBusinessNews recently released a list of the largest employers in Cyprus and Leptos Estates was among these companies being the 9th largest on the list.    

Eighteen are the largest employers in our country, based on the employment of 1000+ people, according to the data provided by the companies themselves for the purposes of compiling the list of the 1000+ Largest Companies in Cyprus

It should be noted that the 18 companies with 1000+ employees are presented in order based on the number of their employees and include those who sent us the relevant numbers. 


Staff: 1,600+ 

(1,490 in Cyprus, 105 Greece, 10 China, 4 Russia, 3 India, 2 United Kingdom and 1 each in Ukraine, UAE, Egypt and Jordan) 

Year of establishment: 1972 

CEOs: Pantelis Leptos and Giorgos Leptos 

Percentage of staff with a university or postgraduate degree: 78% 

Presence abroad: In 10 countries 

Sector: Real Estate/Construction/Land Development 

Source: https://inbusinessnews.reporter.com.cy/financials/cyprus/article/329794/aftoi-einai-oi-18-meglyteroi-ergdotes-sti-chora-mas

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