Cabinet Approves Bill For The Establishment Of Deputy Ministry Of Innovation And Digital Policy


Cyprus will soon have a Deputy Ministry of Innovation and Digital Policy following the Cabinet’s decision to approve a bill on Wednesday, the CNA reports.

Finance Minister Harris Georgiades told the press that the setup of the Deputy Ministry was included in the Governance Program,  adding that so far his Ministry was responsible for promoting a series of actions for research, innovation and digital transformation of the state.

He added that substantial progress has been made and steps were taken such as the appointment of the National Chief Scientist for Research and Innovation. FinMin also referred to the set-up of six research centers of excellence with significant national and European funding.

According to the Minister, each of these research centers will employ hundred or more scientific researchers. Georgiades went on to say that significant progress has been made in the area of e-government, however they identified the weakness and the absence of a central coordinating body with executive responsibilities.
He also explained that the Department of Information Technology Services of the FinMin will now be under the umbrella of the new Deputy Ministry, the budget for the establishment of which is included in the 2020 state budget. The bill is expected to be put before the Parliament the soonest so the Ministry could operate as soon as January 1st 2020.
The Minister was also invited to comment on the statistical date released Tuesday according to which the poverty or social exclusion indicator as well as the indicator of social inequality and social exclusion returned to the levels before the 2013 fiscal crisis.

He said that the efforts were collective, adding that the levels of unemployment also recorded a decrease which means that more and more citizens are now returning to the labor market.

The Minister said however that there is room for further improvement and the government will continue and intensify its efforts.