Cyprus attracts significant foreign investments


Cyprus has attracted significant inflows of foreign investments into multiple sectors, surpassing all international expectations.  For many years, Cyprus has been identified as an ideal location to establish business presence, with many key benefits to foreign investors and their family members who are looking for a jurisdiction that offers stability, a gateway to Europe, and a high quality standard of Mediterranean living.  The island ranked 8th out of the top 20 countries globally in Global Finance magazine’s “FDI Superstars 2018” for Foreign Direct Investments (FDI) performance and appeal.

The growth performance of Cyprus over the last seven years has been exceptional, attracting billions in foreign investment from the US, Asia, Russia, South Africa and Middle East. Since 2013, foreign investments in Cyprus include, tourist resorts, hotels, beverage companies, shopping malls and commercial buildings, clothing-retail, banking, shipping and logistics services, integrated communications and telephony, oil refineries, medical and pharmaceutical services, marinas, casino resort, education, and mostly real estate.

The island’s positive credit rating has given both the economy and investor confidence a boost, and the successful recapitalisation of its major banks and numerous large-scale projects have all contributed to the resurgence of Cyprus as a top FDI destination.  Cyprus is also encouraging international companies to set up international and regional headquarters on the island, which is becoming an increasingly attractive gateway to both established and emerging markets.