Cyprus Emerges Strong from Pandemic Lockdown


Cyprus has achieved remarkable results in its work to control the pandemic of COVID-19. Infections just over 900 cases, a good recovery rate with few deaths, and now down to single digit cases indicates that Cyprus has reached a turning point in fighting the coronavirus. The Cyprus government’s prompt response from the very beginning by implementing anti-pandemic measures, together with the public’s unwavering support, have ensured Cyprus’ emergence from the lockdown.

As the second phase of the gradual loosening of restrictions kicks in, limited movement and curfews are now discarded and outdoor spaces such as beaches, parks, play areas in outdoor spaces, squares and marinas have reopened for the public. Hair salons, barber shops, beauty salons and betting agencies have resumed operations including libraries, museums, archaeological and historical sites.

Achieving a full victory against the pandemic is imminently near. The third phase of Cyprus’ exit road map (as soon as 9 June 2020), will see airports and airlines resuming operations.

As one of the safest countries in the European Union, Cyprus provides a window into the post-virus future.