Cyprus Gradually Opens Up Even More!


The second phase of relaxed restrictions are ongoing. Outdoor spaces such as beaches, parks, play areas in outdoor spaces, squares and marinas are open. Hair salons, barber shops, beauty salons and betting agencies have resumed operations including libraries, museums, archaeological and historical sites. 

The low transmissibility indicator of the virus, the situation at hospitals, and the reduced number of new cases, confirm the effectiveness of the strategy implemented by the Cyprus government in March. 

The third phase of Cyprus’ exit road map, scheduled for 9 June and 20 June respectively, will see airports and airlines resuming operations in two stages (Group A and B) with an expanded list of countries from which one can fly to the island without undergoing a mandatory quarantine as follows:

Group A: Greece, Norway, Israel, Germany, Austria, Bulgaria, Denmark, Finland, Hungary, Lithuania, Malta, Slovakia and Slovenia

Group B: Switzerland, Poland, Croatia, Czech Republic, Estonia and Romania

Additional countries are expected to be announced soon, as the island implements its fourth and final phase mid-July. 

We are delighted to announce that our hotels will resume operation as of June 1, so as to be ready, cleaned and sanitised to receive the tourists expected from June 9th.

We look forward to welcoming our guests from far and near, and making your visit with us even more enjoyable.

As one of the safest countries in the European Union, Cyprus provides a window into the post-virus future.