Cyprus is amongst the 20 healthiest countries

Cyprus ranked 18th out of 163 countries, scoring 89.17 out of 100, on the Bloomberg Global Health Index published this March. According to Bloomberg, Cyprus and Singapore, which scored 94.11 and ranked 4th, were the only two non-OECD countries to make it into the top 20. Each country in the index was graded based on variables such as life expectancy, causes of death and health risks ranging from high blood pressure and tobacco use to malnutrition and the availability of clean water.

healthiest Italy has the longest life expectancy and it scored 97.44 points, ranking 1st in the list of healthiest countries on Earth. It said a baby born in Italy could expect to live to be an octogenarian. Italy is among the most developed countries, growth has stagnated for decades, almost 40 percent of its youngsters are out of jobs and it’s saddled with one of the world’s highest debt loads relative to the size of its economy. Yet Italians are in way better shape than Americans, Canadians and Brits, who all suffer from higher blood pressure and cholesterol and poorer mental health. healthiest Italians, much like Cypriots, eat a very healthy diet, rich in fresh produce, lean meats, fish, fresh fruits and vegetables and drizzled with extra virgin olive oil.

They also have a very carefree nature, they take things easy or “halara” as we say in Cyprus. This surely contributes greatly to their overall mental and physical health and wellbeing. Iceland, Switzerland, Singapore and Australia rounded out the top five most-healthy countries in the index. But the developed world isn’t without its risks. One of the biggest problems was obesity, especially in the US, which was number 34 on the list with a health grade of 73.05 out of 100.