Cyprus sees impressive increase in tourist arrivals during 2017, CTO says


Tourist arrivals in Cyprus recorded an impressive increase in 2017, according to the Cyprus Tourism Organisation (CTO), which said that figures show that Cyprus has been established as a popular and successful tourist destination.

More specifically, according to data released by the organisation, total arrivals in 2017 marked an increase of 14.6% compared with 2016, and were 3,652,073, the best record so far.

The number of tourist arrivals in 2017 was higher by approximately 1 million, compared with 2015 (2.659.405).

Tourist arrivals in December 2017 reached 98.924, recording an increase of 12.5%, and registering an arrivals record for December.  This is the 30th continuous monthly increase (2,5 years) in visitors’ arrivals, according to CTO. The last time an increase was recorded was in June 2015 (-1.5%).

Tourist arrivals during 2017 winter months (January to March and November to December) were 529.293, recording an increase of 14.1 % compared with the responding period of 2016. For the period April – October 2017 it was 14.7%, compared with the responding period of the previous year.

Tourist arrivals from the UK recorded an increase of 8.3% in 2017, compared with 2016, and were over 1,25 million, a number which is the highest of the past decade.

Arrivals from Russia (824.494) recorded an increase of 5.5%, and constitute an historic record as regards this country. An increase was recorded in arrivals from other countries as well, as Germany (52,2%), Israel (76.1% with over 260 thousand arrivals) and the Northern countries with an average increase of 17.6%.