Hiking in Cyprus - Walk Towards Inner Peace!

When it comes to Hiking, Cyprus offers countless nature trails that stretch from one end of the Island to the other.

They are just waiting for you to take a brisk walk and relax your soul. Bask in the glory of Mother Nature with the Island’s many forests, which are a heaven of inner peace. Almost all names of the nature paths and national parks derive from ancient mythologies and not by coincidence; each location has a legend and story of its own to share with you. There is a certain degree of difficulty associated with each path that will not only test your stamina, but also your strength and will to succeed. However, some are easy and can be tackled by anyone. These are equally remarkable and stunning. Aside from the paths filled with flora and fauna, Cyprus has many pathways that run along the beaches and marinas, and these offer a great alternative to the national parks and nature paths.

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