November tourist arrivals up 17%, Cystat says


The number of tourist arrivals in November rose 17 per cent to 144,676 compared to the respective month of 2016 as all major markets performed strongly, the statistical service said.

The number of arrivals from the UK, traditionally Cyprus’s largest source of tourists, rose last month an annual 18 per cent to 51,263 while those from Russia, the second largest source, rose 21 per cent to 21,416, Cystat said in a statement on its website on Thursday.

The number of tourists from Israel and Germany rose 27 per cent to 9,162 and 0.5 per cent to 12,972 last month compared to November last year respectively, while those from Greece fell 6.1 per cent to 13,595, Cystat said.

In January to November, the number of tourist arrivals rose 15 per cent to 3,553,149, Cystat said. Both the total arrivals in November and in the first eleven months of the year are the highest ever recorded.

In a separate statement, Cystat said that the number of Cypriots who travelled abroad last month increased an annual 1.5 per cent to 94,796.