Pilides Holds Meetings in Egypt to Strengthen Cooperation

Maritime cooperation between Cyprus and Egypt is set to be strengthened even further, after meetings Deputy Minister of Shipping Natasa Pilides held in Egypt with Egyptian Minister of Transportation Hesham Arafat and Chairman of the Suez Canal Authority Admiral Mohab Mohamed Hussein Mamesh, in Cairo and Ismailia.
In statements to the Cyprus News Agency, Pilides said cooperation with Egypt was excellent in many sectors, noting that her meetings there aimed at enhancing cooperation between the two countries, especially since Cyprus and Egypt were developing a very strong alliance through bilateral and trilateral cooperation.
Pilides said she met Arafat to establish continuous communication in order to facilitate intensive action on issues of common interest.
Replying to questions, Pilides noted that opening a new line between the two countries was at an advanced stage, especially regarding cruises, adding that this issue has been included in the trilateral cooperation between Cyprus, Egypt and Greece.
She pointed out that funding was being sought for a few projects and that there would be a benefit for both countries and their citizens.
Regarding her meeting with Mamesh, Pilides said cooperation between Cyprus and the Suez Canal was very important, adding that excellent bilateral relations were imperative for Cyprus shipping.
Pilides also noted that it was important for Cyprus to maintain its competitive edge and to do so it was necessary to cooperate with countries sharing similar views and issues.
On Wednesday, Pilides visited the Arab Academy for Science, Technology and Maritime Transport, in Alexandria, where she said that there were many opportunities for cooperation add exchange of knowledge.
She said international cooperation was very beneficial and that the aim was over the next years to have highly qualified staff in shipping companies and the fleet.