Key reasons to consider investing in Europe - The Cyprus Opportunity


Cyprus is an island nation that is strategically in the Mediterranean, and very similar to Greece on all fronts. The island has instituted very favourable corporate tax regime which has led many foreign enterprises to set up shop. These corporates also benefit from an international workforce, with the majority of people speaking fluent English, as well as Russian and Chinese. The Cyprus Investment Program was launched in 2013, instituted a Residency Program for an investment of 300 thousand Euros.

Cyprus offers favourable taxation policy with no inheritance tax, low corporate tax and tax incentives for start-ups. With over 60 double taxation agreements, Cyprus has eliminated any double taxation of citizens with dual nationality. From business point of view, the procedures for registering a company with the relevant authorities in Cyprus can also be completed very quickly and relatively inexpensively. Consequently, international businesses operating in the area often choose Cyprus as a tax-structuring base. Currently, Cyprus is promoting itself has a “headquartering destination” for companies looking to setup a European base in a lucrative-tax regime. 

Like Portugal and Greece, Cyprus too offers its Residence Permit programs via investment in Real Estate, or regulated Alternative Investment Funds. 

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