Great news for CYPRUS, as it’s officially one of the TOP SAFEST countries in the world!!!

According to a recent worldwide survey of 107 out of 195 countries that generate enough data to run a study about the safest countries in the world, Cyprus proudly holds the 5th place worldwide!

More amazing is the fact that Cyprus is the No 1 safest place to live and visit among countries that have a population under 5 million.

Cyprus and the other 4 countries that made the top, have an average 47.62% lower safety score than other countries that participate in the study. Switzerland, Singapore, Spain, Japan and Cyprus scored the best results out of 7 data categories ( CO2 emissions, life expectancy, national police personnel, traffic deaths, thefts and assaults, number per 100.000 people).

So now you know better, you can feel free to escape to this little paradise called Cyprus!