Cyprus Best-Value Destination for UK Holidaymakers

In Cyprus, cheapest of 10 winter sun favourites checked by researchers for New Year getaways, a seven night package to Paphos including evening meals in resort restaurants costs £239 per head.

Second cheapest is Costa Teguise in Lanzarote at £268 per person, says the Post Office survey.The Malaysian ringgit has dipped 18 per cent against sterling since last December, which means visitors will have the equivalent of £77 more to spend on a £500 currency exchange.

But the higher cost of airfares means that a week’s holiday in Penang with meals included will cost £887, significantly more than a eurozone winter break.

With Egypt no longer an option for UK tourists after the latest terrorist alert, bargain hunters who normally head to Sharma el Sheikh after Christmas could find Mexico the strongest contender to take its place, Mirror reports.At £756 per person for a week in January, Cancun is the cheapest long haul beach resort.Tourists will benefit from an 11 per cent year on year drop in the Mexican peso’s value, giving them an extra £50 on a £500 currency exchange since last year.

Despite the weakness of sterling against the US dollar, a week’s holiday including meals is even cheaper in Orlando, at an average £692. Researchers say this makes Florida’s theme park capital the cheapest destination outside Europe.
Even though UK tourists will have 4.5 per cent fewer dollars to spend than a year ago they will pay over £60 less for a week’s holiday than in Cancun or Phuket.

Post Office travel money spokesman Andrew Brown said: “The great value we found in Orlando just goes to show that holidaymakers planning trips really need to look at both the package price and the cost of eating out.
 “Although Eurozone winter sun holidays are unbeatable on price for a January break, the strength of sterling against currencies for long haul destinations like Mexico, Malaysia and Mauritius will make them appealing for holidaymakers looking for higher temperatures.”