Cyprus Ranks First in Europe’s 5-Star Hotels List


According to Cyprus Tourism Organisation (CTO) Chairman Angelos Loizou, Cyprus has one of the best infrastructures in the hotel industry and ranks first in Europe in 5-star hotels in proportion to its population.

Loizou spoke to the Cyprus News Agency and noted, “We have the potential to attract all kinds of tourism – conference, medical, sports or other – since we are ahead of our competitors in this respect. Loizou emphasised, “Proportionally, we are the only country in Europe with so many 5 star hotels,” adding that Cyprus` infrastructure is by far better than other competitive destinations. “As far as hotel infrastructure is concerned, we have everything”, he said.

He added, “We place great emphasis on extending the tourist season, having tourists in other seasons of the year and the hotels are doing their best.” He also stressed that the staff in the tourist industry must be trained to offer higher quality services and attract quality tourism.

Tourist Officer of CTO Constantinos Tsiappas, pointed out that Cyprus has 26 five-star hotels with 12040 sunbeds, 58 four-star hotels with 21805 sunbeds, 78 three-star hotels with 15902 sunbeds, 44 two-star hotels with 3588 sunbeds and 22 one-star hotels with 975 sunbeds. The total number of hotels with a star rating is 226 with 54310 sunbeds.

The hotel infrastructure also extends to organised apartments classed as A`, B` or C`, tourist villages classed A` and B`, holiday villas, traditional homes, guest houses, camping and other types of accommodation.