Tourist Arrivals Increase by 40.6% in March

Tourist arrivals in March 2016 reached 173,013 persons, compared to 97,479 in March 2015, recording an increase of 40.6%, according to the latest figures of the Passengers Survey released on April 18, by the Statistical Service of Cyprus.

An increase of 44.1% was recorded in tourist arrivals from the United Kingdom (from 41,149 in March 2015 to 59,282 in March 2016), 73.5% increase from Germany (from 7,443 to 12,917), 63.4% increase from Russia (from 7,855 to 12,835) and 15.5% increase from Greece (from 10,557 to 12,191 this year). On the other hand, a decrease of 19.8% was recorded in tourist arrivals from France (1,616 in March 2016 compared to 2,016 in March 2015), as the Cyprus News Agency reports.

For the period January to March 2016, arrivals of tourists totalled 251,608 compared to 189,988 in the corresponding period of 2015, recording an increase of 32.4%.

The Cyprus Tourism Organisation (CTO) in a press release points out that the great increase recorded in March 2016 in tourist arrivals follows the increase of the previous months, underlining that if nothing unexpected occurs, this year will be the year with the highest number of arrivals in the history of Cyprus tourism.

According to CTO, the first quarter of January - March 2016 recorded a sound increase of 32.4% compared to the first quarter of 2015. The organisation also points out that the tourist arrivals in the winter period (November 2015 - March 2016) exceeded 438,000 persons recording an increase of 33.4%. CTO says that the arrivals during the winter season 2015-16 recorded the best results of the last decade.