New Cypriot Airline Launches

New Cypriot airline Tus Airways – standing for “Τhe Ultimate Schedule” – has officially launched, announcing that it will commence the operation of its flight schedule on February 14. The company will reportedly aim to connect Cyprus with neighboring countries, including Greece, Egypt, Israel, Lebanon, Jordan and more in response to the collapse of Cyprus Airways in January 2015.

Flights from Tel Aviv, Haifa and Crete to Larnaca will begin on February 14, February 18 and March 28, respectively, while flights to Rhodes will begin at the end of the year. The company's initial target is to offer flights from the Mediterranean island to a total of 16 destinations. During the winter, Tus Airways will operate seven weekly flights to Larnaca from Tel Aviv and two weekly flights from Larnaca to Haifa. Flights from Ben Gurion Airport (Tel Aviv) will leave on Sunday, Monday, Thursday, and Friday.
This timetable has been established so as to enable businesspeople to fly out in the morning and return in the evening, while allowing passengers travelling for pleasure to fly early in the morning and return late at night.

Tus Airways also plans to make Haifa one of its key destinations in the region, and will initially offer regular flights from Haifa to Larnaca for the convenience of residents of the northern and central regions, who can travel to the Israeli city by railway, with a convenient ride from there to the airport, undergo a check taking only 45 minutes, and board the airplane. Haifa Airport will be one of the company's main airports, and will be included in the GDS global system as an international destination. One-way tickets from Haifa to Larnaca will start at €39, including taxes, and from Tel Aviv to Larnaca from €69, including taxes.
Tickets can be ordered through travel agents or on the company website, which will also appear in Hebrew.