Cyprus made a triumphant return to the markets

Cyprus made a triumphant return to the markets yesterday, with investors snapping up the five-year bond which offers the highest yield of any comparable euro zone debt.

The comeback is the fastest of any country rescued by euro zone peers proving the strength and huge potential of Cyprus economy. There was significant demand showing  a strong vote of international confidence to the Cyprus economy. The breaking news travelled around all the media world showing that Cyprus investment opportunities are now or never since a high increase in the real estate prices is expected along with a developing boom.

Under its adjustment plan, Cyprus was not seen returning to financial markets until the end of 2015, but improving market conditions have accelerated its comeback.The IMF expects a return to positive growth in 2015, at a modest 0.9% rate, after three years of recession.Cyprus economy has been twice upgraded from the evaluation brands and now a third one is coming ahead.