The Russian Foreign Ministry calls on Russians not to buy land in occupied Cyprus

The pseudo-state in the occupied territories is "illegal state formation" and the purchase of property there to pose serious risks of Russian citizens, warns the Russian Foreign Ministry with a special declaration of Deputy Director of Information and Press Department Zacharova Mary, the agency "Interfax". "It primarily necessary to remind that the "TRNC" is an illegal state formation, which was declared in the occupied part of the territory of an independent and internationally recognized Republic of Cyprus.

The UN Security Council, as is known, has condemned this illegal act decisively in its resolutions 541 (1983) and 550 (1984), "it said in a statement, the full text of which was published in the official website of the Russian Foreign Ministry. "The acquisition of Russian citizens in real estate "TDVK" large parts of which are in lawful basis to Greek Cypriots who fled their places of residence due to the invasion of Turkish troops in Cyprus 1974, poses significant risks to prosecution and judicial terms owners, "notes Ms. Zacharova, which additional notes: "According to the predictions of the Criminal Code of the Republic to acquire property without the consent of the legitimate owner, which, being evaluated as a criminal conspiracy and fraud, a penalty of imprisonment up to seven years.

For this reason we recommend strongly to the citizens of the Russian Federation to avoid the conclusion disputed contracts to acquire property in the territory of the island, which is not controlled by the legitimate government of Cyprus. " The Russian Foreign Ministry urges Russian citizens be informed and regularly detail the announcements of the special section of the website for those Russians traveling abroad. As the agency "Interfax", which addressed the question of the Russian Foreign Ministry, lately several commercial companies becoming more active in the Russian market offer to acquire property in the occupied territories.