Cyprus back at number 10

 Cyprus jumped twelve places to number 10 in November’s Top of the Props chart published by TheMoveChannel, which records the most searched for overseas destinations to buy property
According to the portal, USA remains the most popular real estate market, accounting for nearly one in ten (9.50%) of all enquiries, followed in second place by France, which accounted for 6.59% of all enquiries.
This is only the second time Cyprus has been in the Top 10 since December 2013, 23 months ago and real estate enquiries have returned to levels last seen in 2013.
Commenting on Cyprus’ return to the top 10, Director of TheMoveChannel Dan Johnson notes: “Cyprus has had a difficult time in the years since the financial crash, with any potential rebound hampered by the banking crisis and title deed issues.
Throughout 2014, the island lingered outside TheMoveChannel’s Top 10, suggesting the promise of overseas interest in its low-priced real estate, but Cyprus fell even further amid the uncertainty surrounding Greece’s economy: in May 2015, the country tumbled to a record low of 26th in the Top of the Props chart, with just 0.27 per cent of enquiries made on TheMoveChannel.
“Now, though, as sentiment surrounding the European economy improves, bolstered by the weak single currency, Cyprus has surprised everyone by bouncing back into the Top 10, with its highest level of enquiries in 34 months. Is it a flash in the pan, or can it continue the long, slow climb back from the brink in 2016?”