Connecting Social Media and the Group Websites

The Leptos Group a Leading Organization in Real Estate Development, Tourism, Hotel Ownership , Education and Healthcare is proud and at the same time delighted to inform all its clients , business associates and friends of the launch of its 16 updated and responsive Websites and Social Media Channel .

Leptos Group Websites

Real Estates & Property Development
1.Leptos Estates:                                                                                                  
2.Leptos Estates Greece:                                                                                     
3.Pandora Group of Companies  :                                                                             
4.Neapolis Smart Eco city:                                                                                               
5.Cypeir Properties Ltd :                                                                      

1.Neapolis University :                                                                                    

Hotels & Resort

1. Leptos Calypso Hotels:                                     
2.Coral Beach Hotel:                                                                                  
3.Sentito Thalassa Boutique Hotel:                                                 
4.Paphos Gardens Holiday Resort :                                            
5.Basilica Holiday Resort :                                                              
6.Panorama Hotel :                                                                  

1.Iasis Hospital:                                                                                                


1.Leda Travel:                                                                                                         

1.Arena Sports:                                                                                                 

1.Leptos Paphos rentals:                                                                                
Leptos Group Facebook pages

Real Estate & Property Development 
1.Leptos Estates  :                                                       
2.Leptos Estates Greece:                              
3. Leptos Estates Egypt:              
4. Leptos Estates Jordan:            
5. Leptos Estates-Russia :                          
6. Leptos Estates – UAE:                                 
7. Cypeir Properties Limited :                            

Hotels & Resorts

1. Coral Beach Hotel & Resort :                           
2. Leptos Calypso Hotels :                            
3. Basilica Holiday Resort :                                        
4. Paphos Gardens Holiday Resort:    
5. Panorama Hotel :                                         
6. Sentido Thalassa Coral Bay :    

7.  Kamares Club       


1.Iasis Hospital :


1.Leda Travel:                                                                      

1.Neapolis University Pafos :                              

1.Arena sports :           


1. Paphos Rentals :   



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Adonis Beach Village is Leptos Estates’ latest, most luxurious development, set in one of the most desirable locations in Paphos based on the success of the nearby Lept...

Coral Seas Villas

Coral Seas Villas is located on the coastline in a generally pristine area within walking distance to the Coral Beach Hotel, a 15 minute drive to the metropolitan city of...

Kamares Village

Leptos Estates has created one of the most exclusive developments in Cyprus that is amongst the most distinctive in the Eastern Mediterranean, Leptos Kamares Village. Thi...

Limassol Del Mar

Limassol Del Mar expresses the island's 'new wave' of architecture through its unique High-rise Curvilinear design, that fully capitalizes on the plot's 170 meters long s...