Leptos Weekly Newsletter: Greece's Permanent Residency Programme Stands Out in Europe.


The Greek Golden Visa/Permanent Residency program has offered one of

the most affordable investment among its European counterparts.

Applicants qualify for 'European permanent Residency'

for a minimal real estate investment of €250,000

While Ireland, Portugal have ended their Golden Visa/PR program, and with Spain also soon to end it, Greece continues with its Greek residency-by-investment program, which is currently the fastest-selling and most economical in Europe.

Even in Greece the PR, moves to €500,000 in certain areas (as of May 1, 2023)

Move fast & take this opportunity to start a new life with your

entire family in the Mediterranean and enjoy the country's rich

culture, beautiful landscapes, and favorable climate.

Not to forget visa free travel across Europe, including Schengen countries