Limassol Blu Marine - Home from Home.


Itis amazing how much the pandemic has changed the landscape when it comes to buying real estate. Prior to being told to stay indoors, not to have any social contact with anyone, not even family members just makes you realise that actually, it might be worth owning property in a more relaxed environment, preferably with warmer weather too. Over the last few years we have seen mass withdrawal from those who have spent most of their lives living in a city, revealing that actually, more space would be nice.

With this in mind, we have seen a massive growth in luxury developments across Europe, mainly those locations that are along the coast and here is a new development that has caught our eye, Limassol Blu Marine. This is a brand new project that is being developed by Leptos Estates, who have completed over 350 projects currently across Cyprus and Greece over the last 60 years, so much so that to date, that their new project Limassol Blu Marine, has already sold a good portion of their apartments totalling EUR100 million. This just demonstrates the hunger and eagerness of buyers wanting to take advantage of the beach front properties as well as permanent residency programmes. No matter what happens around the world, you have a second or third home to escape too.

"W'e are excited to be a part of this pivotal change in Limasso/, contributing to the upmarket residential, business and leisure revival along the seafront. The

infrastructure investments along this stretch will act as a major catalyst and drive the development of the area, at an unprecedented rate for Cyprus.

"Limassol Blu Marine is the only development that gives you the option to open an office and build a home here in one location. The uptick in sales we have seen at this development in recent months is a reflection of how people are living their lives post pandemic, wanting somewhere with all round sunshine and a place worth investing in."