Neapolis Takes Part in Prestigious Economic Forum

The student community of Neapolis University participated in the European Economic Ideas Forum 2019 (EIF) held in Nicosia by the Wilfried Martens Centre for European Studies, one of Europe’s largest think tanks.

Every year, the EIF brings together European Commission officials, members of the European Parliament, economic experts, business leaders and other influential stakeholders from around the world. The forums provide an opportunity to consider innovative ideas and propose solutions to the economic challenges facing the EU economy.

The rector of Neapolis University, Pantelis Sklias, participated in the 10th Economic Ideas Forum of Martens Centre for European Studies as speaker at the second round table of the agenda among other distinguished speakers such as the interior minister.

The specific subject of the panel was how and in which degree the financial crisis of recent years has affected the middle classes in southern European countries.

Professor Sklias pointed out the significant impact of the globalisation process within the last 30 years on the less competitive economies resulting in the huge growth of the Chinese economy. This reality is a one-way path for the European countries to adapt in the new economic environment trying to empower the social cohesion, supporting the most vulnerable members of the society, but in parallel, through the society of knowledge and innovation to improve the skills of young people offering them a hopeful future of security and prosperity.

Neapolis University students played an active role in the proceedings of the forum with questions and suggestions, and had the opportunity to meet with Mikulas Dzurinda, former Prime Minister of Slovakia (1998-2006), chairman of the Wilfried Martens Centre for European Studies and member of the Scientific Council of the of the European Policies and Governance Programme of Neapolis University.