Neapolis University Pafos, Scholarships for Children of Families Which Fell Victim to Fires in Greece


Neapolis University in Cyprus, its University Council, academic community, administrative staff and students express both their deepest sorrow and sincere condolences over the tragic loss and suffering endured by the victims and their families in the recent devastating fires which befell the Municipalities of Rafina-Pikermiou and Marathon.

In its contributions to the relief efforts, the Neapolis University in Cyprus gladly takes upon itself the burden of educating some of the children of those who tragically fell victim to the fires. The University will offer four full-time tuition grants encompassing the entire duration of studies within the undergraduate programs of LawPsychologyCivil Engineering and Business Administration. Those awarded shall additionally receive free psychological support from the University’s specialized scientific staff within its Counselling Center for Research and Psychological Support (Σ.Κ.Ε.Ψ.Υ.). The scholarships will be offered in “two’s”, two for Rafina-Pikermiou and two for Marathon by a selection process carried out via a collaboration between the University and the relevant Municipal Authorities.

The University hopes that its offer will constitute a new start for the young people and their families so tragically effected by this catastrophe, providing new futures filled with hope and promise.