Leptos Estates respond to the crisis with continuous Staff training.


The Leptos Group with its systematic upgrading and maximizing of customer service in its Information Offices , recently held a special staff meeting at the conference room of the Groups headquarters in Paphos.

The Sales Manager and the main Architectural team of the Group addressed the meeting and explained the importance of applying, with effectiveness, the sales strategy used by the company and how the strategy is particularly relevant in an intensely competitive environment and even more so in the current economic recession.

The Information Officers also had the opportunity to exchange ideas and opinions, discuss options with the company directors and to propose ways to contribute in the continuous upgrading of the operational systems of their offices.

A tour was organized as well in order for the information officers to get familiarized with the company’s new projects the “Belvedere Plots and Villas” and the “Venus Gardens” which are currently attracting many local and foreign buyers and investors.

Photo: Leptos Information Office by the harbour in Kato Paphos.