Leptos Group continues to respond to the crisis by holding educational seminars for its staff.

Leptos Estates held this week with great success a two-day training seminar for its staff which took place at the Leptos Paphos Gardens Hotel in Paphos. The main topic of discussion was on customer service and customer experience, the ultimate competitive advantage.

This seminar was intended to provide some guidance on upgrading customer services and offering the customer the ultimate experience. Customer service has never been the strong point of Cyprus businesses however, in terms of customer experience, good enough customer service is not good enough at any time but, in bad times, it is suicidal. Therefore, organizations, public and private, need to maintain their customer service and make it usable through tough times.

Instructor at the seminar was Dr. Theodore Panayotou - Director of the Cyprus International Institute of Management (CIIM) and Professor of Economics and Management issues, who spoke mostly on developing customer relationship and on how to build a long term business relationship with the customer.

Mr. Michael Leptos, Chairman of the Leptos Group of Companies also gave his presence at the seminar giving a brief speech on the new goals and ambitions of the Group in these difficult financial times that our Island is going through and emphasizing that it is absolutely necessary to revise old strategies and behaviors.

Both the staff and the instructor of the program were pleased with this initiative made by the Leptos Group to provide better services to all the company departments.

Photo : From the seminar organized by Leptos Estates at the Leptos Paphos Gardens Hotel.