LEPTOS ESTATES has broken the barrier of 1000 exhibitions abroad in 2011

Within 2011 Leptos Estates has managed to surpass itself with over 1000 exhibitions abroad, setting a record of 1015 exhibitions.  This new record consisted of exhibitions that Leptos Estates had organized or participated in, through a total of 50 countries crossing all continents.
With its presence and participation at these exhibitions the company has managed to promote its activities and products, along with the beauties that the island of Cyprus is renowned for.  These  exhibitions  give  a wide range of people the opportunity to get to know not only the company and what it has to offer, but also the island of Cyprus especially for those they haven’t had the chance to pay a visit before.
Leptos Estates through these exhibitions has managed to create a strong network of business associates along with a unique clientele.
The company has a dynamic strategy and seeks to focus on countries which will have a strong interest in investments abroad, therefore within the New Year the company has set out to organize and participate in a much larger number of exhibitions.
Through the company’s set goals and targets and due to the two new legislations that were voted for by the Cyprus Parliament , regarding the abolishment of transfer fees and the reduction in VAT,  Leptos Estates has a unique offer for clients who are interested in purchasing or investing in its unique property portfolio. The company offers its potential clients from abroad and investors a free five day accommodation within its hotels up until the 1st of March .
Photograph: Leptos Estates participation in an overseas exhibition.