Emergency Medical Centre in the Leptos Kamares Village

On Friday the14th of October a very successful open day was held at the Kamares Emergency Medical Centre, located in the “Leptos Kamares Village” within the village of Tala.
Pantelis Leptos, Director of Leptos  Estates commented that “the open day was a great success because it managed to achieve public awareness both for the residents of the area as well as for the general public. This medical center has added another positive aspect and ease of mind to both residents and potential residents of the Kamares Village.  We wish to ensure that our clients and the general public are fully satisfied with the facilities and services that we have to offer”.
This open day was a held in recognition of the Medical Centers 4 year running success, since its grand opening in October 2007.  This event allowed the Kamares residents along with the general public to be properly informed on the facilities and services that the Medical Centre has to offer.
The Medical Center  has the ability to respond immediately to any emergency, due to the fact that it is open 24/7, it has a highly trained and qualified staff,  it is fully equipped and it has  own private ambulance to respond immediately to any emergency call.
The building was provided by Leptos Estates and the medical staff and equipment are provided by the Paphos Iasis Hospital.
The open day was organized by the board of trustees consisting of Mrs. Maureen Pollard, Mr. Bill Pollard and Mr. Pantelis Kyriakides.

Photo:  Members of the Emergency Medical Team