New awards and room occupancies 100% for Coral Beach Hotel and Resort

New awards and recognitions for the Coral Beach Hotel and Resort in Paphos come along with room occupancies reaching 100% and above, granting a huge success credit with high level reviews.

Following Trip Advisor’s awards, the Holiday Check Quality Selection for 2014 is now expected, positioning the hotel amongst the finest in Europe and presenting the actual distinctive certificate and congratulating the hotel’s management as well as its personnel for their achievements. Many of the hotel’s visitors and customers call it “their Dream Hotel” along with the “their magical spot” of the Coral Bay area.

Over the past few months ,and this will be sustained until the end of October, the hotel is showing 100% room occupancy hence verifying that Coral Bay as well as Paphos are considered as a number 1 destination not only for the overseas visitor but possibly for local tourists and visitors.

Photo: The picturesque fishing harbour of Coral Beach Hotel & Resort.



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