10 Main reasons why to buy a property from Leptos Estates in Paphos


1. Leptos Estates are the Leading Property Developers since 1960

2. One of the largest private landowners in the Mediterranean

3. Has 350 prime locations to choose your dream home

4. They have offices and Representatives in 75 countries

5. Leptos has over 25,000 happy home owners

6. Paphos is the top property choice for overseas buyers

7. The Birthplace of Aphrodite Goddess of Love and Beauty

8. Jewel of Cyprus with mild climate and natural beauty

9. Leptos and Paphos have the best seafront properties on the Island

10. Paphos is the European Capital of Culture for 2017

For further information, prices, payment terms and property inspection visits, please contact us at: 8000 07 07 (from Cyprus ) +357 26 880 120 (from abroad)  
Email: info@leptosestates.com  Url: www.leptosestates.com

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