A Week of Walking and Cycling in Paphos


Town marks European mobility week European mobility week will be highlighted in Paphos from Monday with a number of events organised by the local municipality.

Cities across Europe will participate in events that will take place between September 16 – 22.

This year’s theme focuses on ‘safe walking and cycling’ on the streets and the ways active mobility can benefit both health and the environment, as well as bank balances.

“Many people struggle to find time to be active during the day and much of our daily routine is spent in a car, at a desk, or in front of a screen. These actions aim to integrate exercise into our daily life and raise citizens’ awareness of alternative transport options in our city,” a spokesman for the municipality told the Sunday Mail.

Active transport such as walking and cycling are emission-free and help to keep people fit and healthy, he added.

With that in mind, on Monday, September 16, the public is invited to participate in “I walk safely in my neighbourhood”, which gets underway at the child care centre in Kato Paphos at 3pm. It is being held in collaboration with the Kato Paphos community volunteering committee and Community Policing.

The second event is in co-operation with the Paphos, Mouttalos and Kato Paphos adult centres and Community Policing, again with a focus on walking, at 8.30pm on September 18, at Kennedy Square

The culmination of 2019 events is the car free day on Saturday, September 21, during which special areas will be designated for pedestrians, cyclists and public transport.

“Everywhere by Bike” starts at Kennedy Square at 10.00 am – 12.00 pm and participants will ride a bicycle in the city centre and a relevant map will be distributed.

The event is held in co-operation with the Paphos cycling club, the cultural association “Evagoras Pallikaridis”, the cycling department, Round Table 7, and Community Policing

Since 2002, European mobility week has aimed to improve health and quality of life by promoting clean mobility and sustainable urban transport.

“The campaign gives people the chance to explore the role of city streets and to experiment with practical solutions to tackle urban challenges, such as air pollution,” the spokesman said.

Cities and towns that promote walking and cycling over private vehicles have also been found to be more attractive, with less congestion and a higher quality of life, he added.

“With these events the municipality of Paphos wants to send the message that citizens can use alternative transport to move around the city. This not only keeps us in good shape but also contributes actively to reducing air pollution and noise.”