Academic Alliance between Neapolis University of Pafos and the University of Hull, UK


At a recent press conference, the Neapolis University in Cyprus and the University of Hull, United Kingdom announced their establishing of joint professional relations. The two Academic Institutions have agreed to work conjointly in regards to two of their undergraduate programs. Students enrolled within Neapolis University’s “Bachelor of Business Administration” and “Bachelor in Accounting, Banking & Finance” will be able to complete their final year of studies and graduate from the University of Hull.

The press conference was attended by the President of Neapolis University, Mr. Michalakis Leptos and Dr. Spyros Vliamos, Dean of the School of Economic Sciences at Neapolis. Representing the University of Hull were Mrs. Lynne Barrow of the College of Business Administration, Legal & Political Sciences and Mrs. Amanda Lee, Dean of the School of Health Sciences.

Speaking during the event, Mr. Leptos announced that the partnership with one of the UK’s leading Universities is part of Neapolis’s longterm objectives in becoming a center for such academic partnerships. Neapolis University’s ideal location in Paphos, Cyprus, in addition to the University’s existing and dynamically emerging infrastructure, provides almost unlimited advantages for the successful implementation of this strategy. The Academic partnership between the two Universities places Paphos on the world’s academic map.

Aiming to improve educational services offered, with a particular emphasis on joint research and educational programs, this partnership seeks to attract an increasing number of foreign students wanting to pursue British academic qualifications in an ideal environment combining a Mediterranean climate and European lifestyle with low tuition fees.

Lynne Barrow, speaking on behalf of the University of Hull, expressed her belief that this collaboration will allow for deeper penetration within international markets, bringing multiple benefits not only for both universities, but for Paphos and Cyprus as a whole. Mrs. Barrow also expressed a willingness and desire for further academic, and other joint actions between the two Universities.