Mayor officiates at first Paphos wedding booked online

THE mayor of Paphos on Thursday officiated at the first wedding to take place in the town which was booked using an innovative online platform.

Phedonas Phedonos married a couple from the UK at a ceremony held at the town hall, which was booked using The platform ensures that bureaucracy and lengthy waiting times for civil weddings will be slashed in Paphos as the municipality joined the online platform last year.

The website used for civil weddings, allows users to browse directories of the most popular hotel and municipal wedding venues to help couples select their preferred location for a wedding abroad. Once the venue is chosen, the system provides up-to-date availability information, which means that a set date can be booked and confirmed.

Access is available free of charge to any user; a fee is charged on booking.

In March world tourism leader TUI UK, signed a three year agreement with the Cypriot based platform, which aims to offer a streamlined and automated booking process.

The agreement will help to increase still further wedding tourism in both Cyprus and Greece, which are already popular destinations.

The website helps couples to avoid lengthy procedures and waiting lists and offers them an opportunity to help intended spouses from all over the world to make their wedding reservations easily.

According to the Founder and CEO of the Book Your Wedding Day portal, Maria Evripides, more than 860 bookings have been made since March 14 through the website, which has a Cypriot patent.

After the ceremony, Phedonos stressed the importance of wedding tourism for the country’s economy as well as revenue for the local authority.

“We were the first municipality in Cyprus to join the platform, as we understood the benefits to our city,” he said.