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Imagine 340 days of sunshine, crystal blue seas, long sunny days, the perfect climate, majestic sunsets, picturesque natural surroundings, friendly hospitality and so much more.... Welcome to Paphos, an array of endless activities and sunshine.....

Paphos European Capital 2017. A spectacular opening ceremony, paid homage to the myth of Pygmalion and Galatea and in the presence of thousands of excited spectators, this magical city steeped in history was transformed into an open air factory and the European capital of culture for the whole year with the participation of local and foreign artists and guests from all over Cyprus and the world. To date, impressive Exhibitions, Music, Dance, Projections, Narratives, Light and Sound, Street Shows, Traditional Artistries, Local Wine and Cuisine Fusions, Poetry and Literature connected the past to the future and people from far and wide, and made 2017 a year of cultural celebration. Following an amazing closing ceremony, 2018 promises a continuation of events and activities that highlight and represent this beautiful town.....

Cyprus has been a vine-growing and wine-producing country for millennia and internationally is best known for Commandaria wine. The Paphos Region and the Limassol Region are the two largest wine growing areas in Cyprus to know the wonderful Cyprus wines by wine-tasting and trying the grape based delicacies in the traditional villages, old monasteries or wine museums. The Cyprus Tourism Organization organizes several wine routes where visitors are acquainted with the Island’s enchanting and humble wineries encountering amazing scenery and graceful villages.

With an abundance of dining options, Paphos is a gastronomical delight! Try traditional Cypriot cuisine in local Tavernas, with a “Mezze”, a seemingly endless array of small dishes made with delicious local products, just when you think it has ended another dish is brought to the table; enjoy water-side dining and exquisite fresh fish at the numerous restaurants by the sea or try out fusion cuisine at one of the trendy Bistros. The International list is endless with Chinese, Japanese, Indian, Italian, Russian, Lebanese, Organic and even South African restaurants dotted around Paphos.

Paphos continues to be at the top of the list for Wedding Venues. With exclusive and unique wedding venue choices, be it by the sea, mountainside, or even on the beach in one of the many locations on offer including the 5 star Leptos Coral Beach Hotel & Resort, The Thalassa Hotel, Leptos Kamares Club and many more.

As coffee plays a very substantial role in most people's lives it is of utmost importance that coffee options should be readily available! Local and International coffee outlets are abundant in Paphos; try out Cyprus coffee at a local coffee shop or international coffee brands at one of the many fashionable cafes.

Paphos is quite a 'shopper's paradise' with boutiques and shops, department stores and a modern mall; Discover the colorful Old Town Market and Harbor for traditional handicraſts, lace, pottery, jewelry, products from Cyprus, organic and bio food, health shops and souvenirs. Hit the town for high-end brands and high street fashion.

Check out the Nightlife in Paphos and award winning nightclubs. Venues include clubs by the sea with outstanding music and international DJ's. Pubs, Wine Bars and Clubs are dotted in and around the town.

Paphos is proud of its cultural heritage and along with numerous events held at different times of the year it has hosted 19 world-famous operas and ballet as part of the “Paphos Aphrodite Festival”. Cultural Festivals and events dedicated to the history of Paphos, once the capital of Cyprus, include the “Gerokipia Festival” which celebrates the beauty of the Goddess Aphrodite in the holy gardens, the Carnival, the Flower Festival, Cultural Heritage Days, Food and Wine Festivals and Sporting Events.

The shores of Cyprus are the idyllic setting for chartering a motor or sailing vessel. Imagine leaving the pretty fishing port of Latchi, famous for it's Fish Meze and heading for the jewel of the west coast peninsular “The Blue Lagoon” one of the most picturesque bays in Cyprus. With the back drop of the breathtaking Akamas mountain range you will have the opportunity to anchor in the crystal clear waters where you can swim, snorkel, dive or just relax in the sun.

Enjoy, Tennis, Horse Riding, Squash, Yoga, Archery, Pilates, Rugby, Football, Table Tennis, Swimming, Tai Chi, Skeet Shooting and abundant water sports.

Take up a new hobby: Art, Languages, Bridge, Music, Singing or Dance or perhaps introduce your friends to your own personal hobby.

Paphos is proud to be the only region in Cyprus with four top class golf courses with par facilities in beautiful surroundings. It is the latest destination on the golfing map, a place where you can play the game all year round.

With its crystal clear waters and Blue Flag Beaches, Paphos is an ideal place to experience Scuba Diving.

Experience the thrill of deep sea fishing in Paphos. Group or tailor-made fishing trips include Tuna Fishing and Squid Fishing.

Windsurfing is a popular water sport in Cyprus and the climate makes practice possible throughout the whole year including winter due to mild weather and moderate waves. Wakeboarding is also popular because of the flat summer sea at sunrise together with Kite Surfing when the winds are stronger.

Agrotourism is becoming an ever more popular trend in Cyprus in recent years. “Agro” means rural. Staying or visiting traditional rural or mountainous villages is known in Cyprus as “Agrotourism”. Enjoy the charm of a quiet rural environment in one of Paphos' many idyllic villages. Traditional villages with cultural charm along scenic routes, offering fresh produce and organic delicacies.

Whilst here, enjoy the numerous excursions

Paphos - Lifestyle