Paphos Remains the Champion in Sales to Overseas Property Buyers and Investors for the period Jan- Aug 2020


The area of Paphos, one of the most beautiful regions in the Mediterranean, the mythical birthplace of Aphrodite the Goddess of Love and Beauty, has once again come out on top for attracting the majority of European and Non-European buyers and entrepreneurs for the period Jan- Aug 2020. The cosmopolitan town of Paphos and the entire picturesque province is the safest and most secure area on the Island, where one can live, work and holiday.


Paphos had the lead in purchase contracts to overseas buyers, especially from Europe, by 37% in comparison to Limassol which follows with 26,8%. Larnaca is 3rd with 18,8% and lastly Famagusta with 10,3% and Nicosia with just 6,9%.

The perfect climate along with the new cosmopolitan culture in the region has increased the turnout of foreign buyers and investors. Paphos has been identified in the last years as one of the best areas worldwide to buy a holiday home abroad.