Paphos University library open to society


The Library of Neapolis University in Cyprus consists an integral part of the academic community. It offers its various services not only to the members of this community, but also to the local society in general. Its collections, which are constantly being enriched, cover various topics (with emphasis on issues of law, psychology, business, management, architecture, theology, history and culture). The Library offers open access, which means that its users can have access to its collections even when they are not physically present at the University premises.

The Library’s printed collection consists of 10 thousand books, whereas its digital collection consists of 300 thousand e-books and more than 5 million articles in electronic format which are drawn from 17 world famous publishing houses and data bases, such as Springer, Taylor & Francis, Ebsco, Emerald, Wiley, JSTOR, Cambridge University Press, Oxford University Press, Sage, Fame, Orbis, Westlaw, Proquest, TLG, CYS etc.

Moreover, the Library implements programs of digitalization of valuable archival material, such as Cypriot newspapers and rare manuscripts of the Greek Under-Consulate in Cyprus. This material is digitally available to researchers through the use of the “Hephaestus” Digital Platform (

The Library uses the “Millennium” program, an integrated automation system which supports the modern international standards of the Library of Congress and offers solutions to the most demanding technological challenges. The Library offers advanced services to its users and makes sure that they are constantly being educated on issues that are related with its function. In order to further improve its services, ever since 2012 it has been a member of the consortium of Cypriot university libraries. It also offers services of interlibrary loan.

It is the first and only private academic library in Cyprus that has an open source electronic repository, which is constantly being enriched with the outcomes of research and papers produced by members of the academic community of Neapolis.

The Library’s personnel consists of highly skilled librarians who offer innovative and flexible services to its users. During the academic period, the Library is open daily (Monday-Friday 08:00-20:00, Saturday 09:00-17:00, Sunday 09:00-12:00). Even after the end of the normal opening hours, two rooms are available as reading rooms, thus offering endless study possibilities to teaching staff, students, as well as visitors.