Paphos a Modern, Contemporary and Smart City

Paphos has been modernized and upgraded, reforming its urban identity and image to become a competitive destination and an attractive place for foreign investors.
Over the past few years, Paphos has reached the level of other large cities of technologically advanced countries, offering residents and visitors new, modern and innovative prospects.  The restructuring into a modern, contemporary and smart city has contributed towards the total improvement to the quality of life, the improved efficiency of services provided and at the same time has met all its functional requirements.
Change and modernization is now noticeable in Paphos. A host of new buildings and facilities are upgraded, modernized and functional.

The buildings on Kennedy Square have changed their appearance by redefining and recreating their facades, both internally and externally. More than 30 dining/cafe/bar /entertainment options reveal a Paphos of taste, culture and international cuisine.
The unification and reformation of the Main Square of October 28, Kostis Palamas and Dionysios Solomos has managed to connect, enhance the public urban space around the municipal garden and to promote the revival and reactivation of the historic center for outdoor activities and events.

The fully renovated ‘Markideio’ Theater, the new cultural ornament in Paphos, is now a modern gem, but also a trademark for the city and province of Paphos as well as Cyprus as a whole.
The "Old Electricity" Cultural Center was created as a modern space of multiple cultural use, in connection with the creation of the Municipal Art Gallery. The site has become a reference point of a new era on the cultural and social scene of Paphos, breathing new life into it.

The Kings Avenue Mall is a shopping center designed with a modern architectural approach in the heart of the touristic area
The Hill of Mousallas has a unique location and is a source of inspiration. The new modern building is located at the highest point of the area, offering a panoramic view of almost the whole of Paphos.
The restoration of the former Attikon Cinema and its transformation into a modern multi-cultural and tourism Conference Centre is one of the new major infrastructure projects in Paphos and particularly in the city center.
The new modern Government Offices of Paphos, as well as the face lift of all the old buildings (Administration, Post Office, Courts) have already contributed to the boost of both areas and have changed the image of the city, shaping a modern picture of Paphos.

The new Paphos Courthouse has now been upgraded and modernized to accommodate all existing and future needs. New halls and offices, underground parking spaces, auxiliary spaces, library and storage rooms, provide an improved and more functional service.

The restoration, landscaping and upgrading of the Municipal Market has already revived and upgraded it both aesthetically and functionally, creating a new attraction for locals and tourists alike.
The Electricity Authority’s Regional Offices is another modern and functional project,   whereby its architecture and structure assist in the proper operation of both office space, the outdoor energy park, exhibition space and other indoor and outdoor spaces.
The new SEK District Offices in Paphos are situated along an important road artery in an area experiencing rapid transformation from a low-density neighborhood to a major commercial axis.
Paphos seems to be amongst other elite new and trendy cities, emerging as an increasingly attractive destination. The connection of Paphos as the Birthplace of the Goddess Aphrodite enhances the glory of the new modern smart and vibrant city of the Mediterranean where its contemporary architectural and urban gems rank it amongst the modern cities of the 21st Century.