Scrappy piece of land transformed into Paphos park

The Paphos mayor officially inaugurated on Wednesday evening an upgraded park area in the centre of Paphos, the result of a joint project between the municipality and betting giant Opap.

“The Opap municipal park, equipped and upgraded, meets all the requirements to become a real gem for our city, a model green and recreation area that people of all ages can enjoy in comfort and safety,” said the mayor, Phedonas Phedonos.
Opap Cyprus funded the project which cost 137,000 euros.

The park, in a residential area in the centre of Paphos, was in desperate need of upgrading and consists of plots belonging to a Turkish Cypriot named Ahmet Rasid, said a municipality spokesman.

“We are not permitted to build anything permanent on the land as it is Turkish Cypriot owned and there needs to be a solution on the Cyprus issue to know an outcome. In the meantime, we turned the messy area into a park, which will enhance the neighbourhood,” he said.

Phedonos said that the aim was to make the area more attractive for residents – especially young people and young families.

The sports facilities, the modern playground and the development of the green area completely reverses the previous image of abandonment it portrayed, he said.

Phedonos said that Paphos was changing fast and moving away from its tarnished scandal-hit image of recent years. He said that the 16 projects already carried out in less than two and a half years ‘speak for themselves’.

He added that the main goal of the current five-year plan is the continued upgrading of Paphos.

“In this context, we are already planning to run a second large set of projects that will complement those that have been completed and will radically change the city’s image,” he said.

According to the mayor, the projects include, upgrading main roads, asphalting roads and repairing pavements, completing the regional road network, expanding and further enriching the ten parks that have already been built, creating two large parks in the west and east of the town.

He said that residents must start to take responsibility to keep their surrounding areas clean and tidy and take pride in their neighbourhoods.

“We are also promoting the conversion of Paphos into a ‘smart city’ through the use and application of new technologies to upgrade existing infrastructures, and create new ones such as modern bus stops with telematics system and electronic information points,” he said.