A group of 15 Egyptian journalists from Cairo and Alexandria visited Paphos & Limassol for a four day trip, following a special invitation by the Leptos Group.During their stay they visited the property developments, the new University of Neapolis, the Iasis Medical Centre as well as the Hotels and Holiday Resorts which are operated by the Leptos Group in the towns and provinces of Paphos and Limassol.

Furthermore the Egyptian journalists had the opportunity to meet with the President of the Parliament Mr.Yiannakis Omerou and met also the Vice Mayor of Paphos Mr. Makis Rousis , archeological sites, museums, the old shopping centre and the nightlife of Paphos.This initiative was taken by Leptos Group so to strengthen the efforts of the government and the Cyprus Tourism Organization in order to attract more Egyptian tourists as well as Real Estate purchasers and investors. 

Photograph :  The Egyptian journalists planting a symbolic olive tree at the Leptos Kamares Village in the presence of Mr.Pantelis Leptos  and Mrs.Tina Leptos .