Beautiful “Alkyonides Days" in Picturesque Paphos

This weather phenomenon in January and sometimes in February in Cyprus is referred to as “Alkyonides Days”. Nearly every year in the period after the middle of January there is a non-interrupted period of days with clear blue skies and warm temperatures, which at least in Paphos can reach more than 20°-22°C over the day.

The Alkyonides were, in Greek mythology, the seven daughters of Alcyoneus. When their father was slain by Heracles, they threw themselves into the sea, and were transformed into halcyons (kingfishers) by Amphitrite. They were Alkippe, Anthe, Asteria, Chthonia, Drimo, Methone, Pallene and Phthonia or Phosthonia.

Enjoy these warm sunny days and sorry for our short post ... but we don't want to miss today's swim in the sea!