Pafos 2017 - SeeFest – Cinema on the Beach // PROGRAMME

SeeFest – Cinema on the Beach
Municipal Beach SODAP 9, 17, 23, 30 August 2017, 20:30
For the 4th consecutive year, SeeFest organises screenings and invites locals, foreigners and visitors of the town to share a cinematic experience under the stars and next to the waves. For 2017 the four films that are proposed combine deep human stories with humour and adventures, connecting and creating conditions of communication through the great power of the Cinema.
Sponsor: OPAP
Free Entrance 
Wednesday 9 August 2017, 20:30
Their Finest (Great Britain 2016, 117΄)
In London in 1940, young Katrin is hired as a screenwriter of a patriotic film prepared by the Ministry of Information. As she begins to write a true story on female heroism, she soon realises that myth is always more charming than the facts. A comical yet emotional tribute to cinema’s fictional power, clichés, tricks and true lies.
Screenplay: Gaby Chiappe, Lissa Evans
Directed by Lone Scherfig
Cast: Jeremy Irons, Gemma Arterton, Sam Claflin, Bill Nighy, Jack Huston, Ellis Cole and others.
In English with Greek subtitles
12A/12 – Suitable for 12 years and over
Thursday 17 August 2017, 20:30
Serial (Bad) Weddings (Qu’est-ce qu’on a fait au Bon Dieu?) (France, 2014, 97’)
Claude and Marie are a French Catholic bourgeois couple. They are embittered by their three daughters, as one is married to a Jew, the second to a Muslim, and the third one to a Chinese man. Their agony culminates when their fourth daughter announces that she is getting married, yet they are temporarily encouraged when they learn that her fiancé is a French Catholic. Their dreams will be fall to pieces when the young man is revealed to be an African Frenchman, of traditional parents, strict in their own culture.
Screenplay/direction: Philippe de Chauveron
Cast: Christian Clavier, Chantal Lauby, Ary Abittan, Medi Sadoun, Frédéric Chau, Noom Diawara, Charles Koffi, Frédérique Bel, Julia Piaton, Emilie Caen and others.
In French with Greek and English subtitles
23 August 2017, 20:30
The 100 Year-Old Man who Climbed out the Window and Disappeared (Sweden 2013, 114’)
A man living in a nursing home who refuses to celebrate his 100th birthday, jumps out a window and begins a journey to the unknown. While he reminisces the events of his life, he finds himself holding a suitcase full of millions of Swedish kroner and the police and a criminal gang following him.
Screenplay: Felix Herngren, Hans Ingemansson
Directed by: Felix Herngren
Cast: Robert Gustafsson, Mia Skäringer, Iwar Wiklander, David Wiberg, Jens Hultén, David Shackleton, Ralph Carlsson, Georg Nikoloff, Alan Ford and others.
In English with Greek subtitles
30 August 2017, 20:30
El Olivo (Spain 2016, 100’)

A film that combines humor and humanism. A gentle road movie that portrays the differences between the European South and the powerful North through the story of Alma. The heroine starts from Spain with a friend and her uncle to bring back the family 2000-years-old olive tree from a company in Dusseldorf. The sale of the olive tree took place years ago and it was the cause for a quarrel between its owners, her father and her grandfather, with the result of the decline of the grandfather and, after many years of silence, his refusal to stop eating.
Screenplay: Paul Laverty
Directed by: Icíar Bollaín
Cast: Anna Castillo, Javier Gutiérrez, Pep Ambròs, Manuel Cucala, Miguel Angel Aladren, Carme Pla, Ana Isabel Mena, María Romero, Paula Usero and others.
In Spanish with Greek and English subtitles