Paphos 2017 - The Journey Has Begun

Hosting the European Capital of Culture is a vision with broader connotations for Cyprus, given that our country has historically been a palimpsestic bringing together historical eras, cultures and religions. This is why we eagerly claimed this title and Pafos will be the European Capital of Culture for the year 2017, making Pafos an emblem for European culture with a greater social appeal.
Pafos 2017 - Programme March

Aphrodite’s library 3- March
Exhibition Opening: Friday 3rd of March at 19:00 – 21:00
Exhibition Duration: 03 March – 20 March 2017, 08:30 – 17:00

Aphrodite’s worship and relevant festivities made Pafos an attraction for pilgrims from all over the Mediterranean. The Museum in Palaepafos houses two large installations by artist Mary Plant which are part of a series of works under the title ‘Aphrodite’s Library, which the artist started in 1996.
The first part is called ‘Aphrodite’s Notes’ and consists of pieces of tissue paper 25x25cm (approx.) painted the colours of the sea and each containing a triangular/conical pebble reminiscent of the sacred stone, Bethyl – image of Aphrodite, at the museum. The size of the installation will be 3.75 x 11 metres.
The second part is called ‘Reconstruction of the Excavation and Discovery of Aphrodite’s Library’ and will show the buried, partly-buried and discovered books and scrolls that make up part of Aphrodite’s Library. The size of the installation will be 3.75 x 6 metres. In 2002 a video was produced recording this excavation at the beach near to where, according to legend, the goddess came ashore. A number of the books were buried and discovered. ‘Aphrodite’s Library’ is an on-going project began in 1996 with ‘Aphrodite’s Notes’ the most recent addition (2016).
The ‘Reconstruction of the Excavation and Discovery of Aphrodite’s Library’’ will be dated 2016-17 as it will be completed in the exhibition space. Mary Plant after her studies has presented many exhibitions in England, Cyprus, Ireland, France, Germany, Russia, Mongolia, Hong Kong, Spain and the Netherlands, and her work is found in many museums and foundations all over the world.

 A tale of two cities 4- March
16:00 — 19:00 Palia Ilektriki
Cyprus and Malta are two islands in the Mediterranean which share historical passions, adventures and tragedies. They also have a significant culture and natural beauty, and in this event, Pafos and Valletta – two historical cities – are brought even closer. Maltese photographer David Pisani who specialises in urban and built landscape photography, has toured Cyprus, recording aspects of the life on the island. His exhibition tries to relate them to images from his homeland. Pisani is an internationally acclaimed photographer with numerous exhibitions in many different countries and he is also the author of several essays on urban photography.

Depicting the Invisible
Exhibition Duration: 08 March – 12 May 2017: 10:00 – 13:00 16:00 – 19:00
Inauguration and guided tour from the curator of the Exhibition: 10th of March, 18:00

This exhibition includes paintings, engravings and sculptures from Europe and Latin America selected based on the inspiration they draw from Christianity, allowing the visitor to see different approaches to the same issues. Along with significant works by Filippo Abbiati, Gian Battista Tiepolo, C. Sorg, I. Tapia, J. Carlos Angles, J. Tengnangel, G. Forschondt, works by Greek and Cypriot artists such as Gyzis, Parthenis, Kontoglou, Ghikas, Manousakis,Michaelides, Kontopoulos, Golfinos and others will be exhibited. The works belong to the collection of Charalambos and Maria Christoforou as well as to the Kykkos Monastery. The exhibition is curated by Nelli Kyriazi.

Celebrating Stass 17- March
10:00 — 15:00
Pafos Municipal Gallery

The exhibition is a tribute to Stass Paraskos (1933-2014), one of the most famous and internationally acclaimed Cypriot artists and founder of the School of Fine Arts in Lemba. With his exuberant personality and his international recognition, Stass left his mark on the arts in Cyprus. The retrospective will offer an overview of his work from 1960 until his death in 2014 and will include exhibits permanently on display in both national and international collections, including Tate Modern in London. Curators: Michael and Margaret Paraskos.

 Kirana 18- March
The project Kirana aims to foster talented children from various European cities under the guidance of the Maltese musician and composer Ruben Zahra. In 2017, the Pafos Music Gymnasium will be founded, and Pafos2017 invites four artists from Valletta, the European Capital of Culture for 2018 in Malta, for a five-day workshop with its students. This will give the students the opportunity to work with professional artists and to learn about contemporary music, cartoon animation, dance, light engineering and puppet theatre. With the participation of Christopher Gatt, Pamela Baldacchino Kerr, Tricia Dawn Williams, Eleni Kyprianou (conductor) and Stavros Tsartsalis (coordinator) from the Pafos Music Gymnasium. The programme will begin on the 12 of March and will end on the 18th of March with a performance which will include the participation of both children and artists. * With the support of Valletta the European Capital of Culture for 2018 in Malta & the Ιnstitution Robert Cimetta Fund.
* In collaboration with the Pafos Music Gymnasium & Nikolaidion Gymnasium

Let’s Move!
19 March – Dance Culture Pafos – Contemporary Dance, Municipal Square, Pafos – 19:30
22 April – Folklore Associations – Dancing route (starting point: Mouttallos Square, 10:30
10 May – Cie Willie Dorner – Human Bodies in Urban Spaces

The community involvement programme and the willingness for collective and joint creation are essential to overcoming the supposed differences between people, but also for the harmonious combination of various traits constituting the fluid cultural identity of Pafos. This project combines social participation with artistic creation as dance schools and dance groups join in large dance formations consisting of our city’s residents and visitors. What emerges is a picture of a vibrant city transformed into a vast dance floor, where the rhythm brings closer different social groups and ensembles of traditional and contemporary dance, as well as music groups and orchestras. The event which is under collaboration with the “Dance Culture Pafos”, will include the participation of contemporary and traditional dance groups, music bands and orchestras.

With the collaboration of the Folklore Associations: “Ktima”, “Pafos”, “Ieroi Kipoi”, “Romiosini”, “Kastro”, “Koili”, ”Sta chnaria tis paradosis “, “Afrodite”, “Konia” & “Panagia”. The St Neophytos Lyceum will coordinate the Primary, Secondary and Technical Schools of Pafos under the Programme “Schools in Actions”.

The Cie. W. Dorner Dance Co. participates within this project with the work Bodies in Urban Spaces, which is supported by the Austrian Embassy.

Room in a Wall 22 - March
17:00 — 20:30 Ibrahim’s Khan

Geneva based photographer Aron Rossman-Kiss, has travelled to many areas of the world and has photographed different borders, with Cyprus being one of his destinations. His photographic material will be presented in an exhibition in collaboration with the Cyprus Society of Photography (Pafos). Having in mind the concept of the commercialisation of photography, Rossman-Kiss will discuss with the audience on moral issues in regards to photographing socially sensitive issues, such as the refugee problem and migrants.

Talk 5:30 and the Opening- Presentation 7:00 pm