Paphos. A Hot Summer with Hot Property Sales.

Cyprus is an island attracting a great number of tourists throughout the world and there seems to be a great increase in the number of tourists selecting Paphos, the birthplace of the Goddess Aphrodite as their holiday destination. This increase in the number of visitors to Paphos does not only consist of holiday makers but also of  potential investors and buyers of real estate.

From the beginning of May and throughout the summer period Leptos Estates has had a substantial increase in its sales, especially for exclusive high end costal developments located in the areas of Kato Paphos, Coral Bay and Latchi.  Along with an increase in demand for semi – rural  properties located in the areas of Tala and Tsada.

The Leptos Group Marketing Manager Mr. Sakis Hadjialexandrou refereeing to the prime selections of investors and buyers stated that Paphos is the most popular selection for investors and buyers of real estate, due to the fact that besides the current financial crisis that exists Paphos has managed to maintain and sustain its identity as the most pleasant holiday destination and the prime destination for real estate investments or purchases. It seems that  Paphos is currently the first choice for Russians, Scandinavians, Arabs and our new comers to the market the Chinese.

There is evidence showing that this  ‘Paphos trend’ will continue, this evidence is obtained through the Hotels of Paphos being at full capacity levels, especial throughout the months of September and October which coincides with these visitors being potential buyers or investors of real estate.

Photo: Villas at the prestigious Kamares Village, located in Tala . A key attraction for real estate investors and buyers.