Paphos Stunning Sunsets

When the sun has set, no candle can replace it! The magic of a beautiful sunset, unique in Paphos ,can only be described as breathtaking… It has to be seen to be believed.Enjoy it from wherever you are, from your balcony or whilst walking along the coast or even on a short cruise from the hotel. It is a sacred moment when the sun dips into the crystal blue waters that Paphos is blessed with. The sun becomes the King, powerful and warm as it goes down, creating ripples in the sky.

Paphos offers the very best of sunset experiences, a walk through the places where the sunset spreads its glory is a must. Dozens of sunset landscapes are spread across the region acting as a true source of inspiration to all who witness them. See the sunset at Petra Tou Romiou, the birthplace of the goddess Aprhrodite, at Kato Paphos Harbour and Lighthouse or from the spectacular hilltops of Kamares Village in Tala.

Scenic sunset views are also to be enjoyed from Chloraka, Coral Bay and the Akamas Peninsular. Each sunset picture will acquire its own meaning. No two sunsets are the same…. There is always something magical and mysterious in watching the colours and shapes created by the sunset, it is truly fascinating!

In Paphos the sunset really is an amazing event and those who have the opportunity to witness it every single day are very lucky!